About us

Living on a small organic farm in the West of Ireland made us experience many wet and windy working days outside.

We found waterproof trousers awkward and slow to put on, and after some hard work, sweat and condensation made us feel just as wet as if unprotected.

So we came up with the Rain Kilt idea. With the production of waterproof material being our main business there was lots of material around to play with and we tried many different designs that offered the greatest level of protection while not restricting comfort or movement.

We wore them when working in our garden and yard, when working with our horses or sheep, at the local organic garden club gatherings, when walking our dogs and on various horse clinics.

Lots of people asked about the Rain Kilt and thus they soon became a very popular gift.

In summer 2012 at Judy Paterson’s Training for Trust gathering in Scotland, Cynthia Cooper (from Natural Horse World, Australia) was given one. A few weeks later when she was back home we got an email asking if we could produce them for her to sell in her online store. Well, the rest is history…..